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Wind Turbines on Lake Erie

Presented by Dr. Lorry Wagner on January 26, 2011
Doubletree Hotel Cleveland South, Shula’s 2 Restaurant

AIChE Cleveland Section would like to thank Dr. Wagner for his interesting presentation, as well as the audience in attenance.

Dr. Lorry Wagner

AIChE Cleveland Section members that support the Cleveland Off-Shore Wind Turbine Project are encouraged to contact their Ohio representatives and congressmen and notify them that this project is vital to the future growth of advanced energy technology in Northeast Ohio, the growth of jobs for system component manufacturing and maintenance of off-shore wind turbines, and the growth of the economy in Northeast Ohio. For the January meeting summary and action items, click here.


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Sherrod Brown (D)

Rob Portman (R)

Ohio Legislature 129 th General Assembly

Ohio House of Representatives Link

Ohio Senate Link

The Speaker:

Dr. Lorry Wagner, an experienced energy engineer and longstanding member of the Great Lakes Energy Development Task Force, is well suited to serve as president of the Cleveland-based Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation (LEEDCo), a position he assumed in May 2010. Previous energy project experience includes hydroelectric, solar, nuclear fission/fusion, as well as wind. Other relevant work was performed in the fields of neural networks, failure analysis for offshore power boat racing, and explosion-proof control systems.

A nuclear engineer with several degrees from Purdue University and extensive experience in wind turbine technology, Dr. Wagner previously served as president of Azure Energy LLC, a renewable energy development corporation based in Solon, Ohio. At Azure, he played a leading role in the installation of the wind turbine at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, and has been involved in the development of several wind projects. Dr. Wagner, a lifelong boater and member of Cleveland Underwater Explorers (CLUE), brings extensive knowledge of maritime and subsurface issues, central to the deployment of offshore wind turbines.

A core member of the LEEDCo launch team, Dr. Wagner succeeds Richard Stuebi, who served as the interim president of the organization during its launch phase.


Dr. Lorry will discuss the proposed $100 million project involving the addition of five very large turbines in Lake Erie by the end of 2012. This project will bring state of the art design and operations of off-shore wind power generation to Cleveland. It may also bring North East Ohio into a new age of wind power manufacturing that will improve our economy with new technologies. Components, parts, lubrication, and maintenance can be provided by many local companies. There is an agreement with General Electric Company to supply the largest turbines ever used in North America, each of the five machines is rated at 4 million watts, or 4 megawatts. Test data shows that Lake Erie appears to have the best wind in the state, especially in the middle of the lake where winds are estimated at the second best nationally. Cuyahoga County will need to use sonar to map the lake bottom in the area where the turbines will probably go to accommodate the turbine foundation design. The foundations will need to deal with the stresses of ice, wind and wave action. With these challenges, an aggressive constructions schedule, and funding the project will also require the support of Ohio’s Governor Kasich.


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Dr. Wagner