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February 15, 2011 BioEnterprise / Student Night

BioEnterprise SignBioEnterprise, is a business acceleration resource for healthcare industries and bioscience technologies in North East Ohio. Its goals and objectives were presentated by Robert Baxter, Vice President, BioEnterprise.

Bioenterprise began after the 2001 recession, and Joe Frolic of the Plain Dealer’s article series called “The Quiet Crisis” raised the concern that North East Ohio was loosing talent. The articles asked how to keep talented people in the area. The initial focus was on the medical and healthcare technologoies centered in area, including CWRU, Cleveland Clinic, Metro General Hospital, and University Hospitals. The current purpose will be to push commercialization forward (initially with McKensie Company plan).

In 2001 there were 5 companies funded, and in 2002 there were 6 companies funded. Now there are 18 employees of BioEnterprise (a non-profit entity), dedicated to selecting companies to work with and develop their business into a growing profitable operation in area. The BioEnterprise board of directors is composed of 14 members of major companies in area such as CWRU, CSU, University Hospitals, Cleveland Clinic and others.

BioEnterprise has two roles. Role 1 is to connect between Capital, People, Pipeline, and Clinical areas, and role 2 is to act as a catalyst between Capital, People, Pipeline, and Clinical areas. Other goals include building a center in Cleveland similar to Minneapolis, MN Research Triangle (Healthcare Industries), and the Cleveland Center Corridor will be on Euclid Avenue between CSU and CWRU.

AudienceBioenterprise was philonthropically funded through Fund For Our Economic Future for $90 million USD. This is a different entity from Ohio’s Third Frontier that was funded for $1.6 billion USD between 2002 – 2012 years, with $500 million USD awarded to North East Ohio area. The future focus will be to work with the Medical Mart of Cleveland and attract more business for growth and development in the Cleveland Healthcare Corridor through BioEnterprise.

After the presentation, AIChE Cleveland Section gave awards for academic and leadership to both Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University students. Seven students received recognition with certificates from AIChE Cleveland Section and a check for $100.

Student Award Presentation Student Award Presentation

Student Award Presentation Student Award PresentationStudent Award Presentation Student Award Presentation Student Award Presentation Student Award Presentation